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Whether your department needs support on a specific project or your small business is looking to up your game, we can meet you where you are. As a boutique business and marketing consultant, we offer flexible solutions to fill the gap and ensure you meet your business objectives.

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With broad experience ranging from business management to marketing strategy, we deliver just in time solutions so you can focus on the core of your business. Bottom line – our mission is to help you be successful.


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Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We are committed to providing the best service and deliverables to our clients. By frequently checking in and soliciting feedback, we aim to provide solutions that exceed your expectations.

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You may have specific projects in mind or need help identifying where to start. Let’s have a conversation. Contact us today for a free consultation to determine how we can best partner with you to create lasting results.

About Becky

Becky is a marketing professional with years of global experience managing business operations, marketing strategy, product management and customer analytics across the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Her focus is to help organizations professionalize their business strategy. From start-ups to established firms, Becky engages in a discovery process to understand where there are gaps and opportunities to gain a competitive edge. She works closely with her clients to create a strategic roadmap to achieve business goals. Her expertise ranges from establishing a web presence, content marketing, public relations, copywriting, branding and product definition.

Becky has a strong background in the field of education, training, leadership development and human resources.  Her passion for training led her to create myConsultantTraining.com where she teaches direct sellers how to build their businesses both on and offline through her Modern Direct Seller framework.

She holds an MA from the University of San Diego (USD) and a BA from University of California – San Diego (UCSD). Becky spends most of her “free time” chasing around her active 4-year old boy and spunky 6-year old girl. She also enjoys volunteering in her community, traveling and catching up on her favorite blogs and photography. Connect with Becky on LinkedIn.

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